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Our tagline captures our mission: “Taking back the creation narrative.” We seek to achieve this winsomely and with a bit of flair, using original and provocative ideas to spur discussion.

We believe that creation by God is both scientifically verifiable and theologically necessary. In simple terms we show that evolutionary processes are incapable of creating human beings. We explore the pathologies of a supposed purposeless existence that necessarily follow evolutionary belief, and which are destructive to human beings and human societies.

Additionally, in simple terms we show that the evidence on earth more reasonably supports the Genesis account of creation by God. Finally—as a theological matter—a true, historical Adam is necessary for a coherent narrative arc of redemption from Genesis to Revelation.

We are continually expanding our platform. From Facebook, to a website/blog, to Substack, we are learning our way to a broader reach. Creation Reformation Insider will often provide exclusive content. Grow with us!

Visit our blog at www.creation-reformation.com. Enjoy!

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Creation Reformation
Taking Back the Creation Narrative. We believe that the evidence on earth leads to a reasonable rejection of evolution and a reaonable embrace of creation by God.